Pet rabbit? Just a hop, skip and jump away!

How often do you find yourself crawling around on your hands and knees, looking for your pet rabbit under every piece of furniture? How often do you feel frustrated trying to grab hold of your pet to put him back inside his cage before he takes off again? And how often do you love to cuddle your pet rabbit, stroking its soft, silky fur, watching its pink twitchy nose? 

Face it – there’s no getting away from the fact that a rabbit is one of the cutest pets you can possibly have. And yet, having a pet rabbit can have quite a few pros and cons, including:

  • Rabbits are perfect for apartments. They don’t need much space, and don’t mind living in a cage, provided it’s spacious enough. And rabbits are happy even if you let them run around your apartment for a little while every day – just don’t let them eat your furniture!
  • They’re effortless to train. Rabbits are smart and can learn quite fast – so you can train them the way you would train a dog. Whether you want to teach them some tricks, or how to use a litter box – these are all highly ‘do-able’ activities. 
  • Silence! Rabbits neither bark nor meow. In fact, they don’t make any noise, unless you count stuff being knocked over when your pet bunny rabbit hops around indiscriminately. So, if you live in an apartment, you can rest assured that your neighbors are not going to complain about the noise.
  • Easy to feed. A little bit of time, effort and planning on your part is all that’s required to ensure your pet rabbit gets a healthy, nutritious diet. Do remember, rabbits need a lot of fiber in their diet. Remember those cartoons of Bugs Bunny munching away on crunchy carrots? Just add fresh hay for roughage, pellets, green veggies, etc.
  • No walks. Unlike dogs, this is one pet that doesn’t need to be walked. So, the amount of time and energy you need to expend on your pet rabbit are quite reasonable. And you get that much more time to hang out with your fluffy, squishy bunny rabbit at home, in front of the TV!
  • Think of the entertainment value! Rabbits can be playful, in fact, mischievous. They have distinctive personalities, spanning the entire gamut from shy to silly; giddy to grumpy. One way or another, they are loads of fun, and can keep you entertained for hours, and make you forget your problems.

These are all great reasons to have rabbits as pets. But they are also high maintenance in many ways; need to be handled gently; may require special veterinary care; and need exercise.

So, what’s not to love about rabbits? Maybe it’s time to get one today!