Pet Activities


Dog Park at Cubbon Park

A great place to take your dog for a run and to socialize with other dogs. However, you need to ensure that your dog is always leashed, vaccinated, well-behaved and isn’t aggressive towards other dogs. It would be best to check out the latest rules and regulations for the Dog Park before going there, such as restrictions that may have been imposed regarding breed and size of dogs allowed. Timings too may vary and it may be worth checking them out. And do remember to clean up after your pet.

The Dog Park at The Elephant Pond

Situated around an hour’s drive from Bangalore, at Banerghatta, near Ragihalli, the Dog Park at The Elephant Pond spans 10 acres of lush greenery with separate dedicated one acre off-leash parks for small and large dogs, to gambol in and socialize. Dogs who love water have the freedom to swim in a natural pond.

The Dog Park at The Elephant Pond was created out of a desire to get away from the urban and transition to a natural environment, where your dogs can have the run of the place with few restrictions, and have plenty of freedom.

Committed to the health and happiness of dogs, the park is open to hosting private events for dogs; parties for dogs; socializing for dogs; training sessions for dogs; and dog related workshops and seminars.

Petboro Dog Park

An off-leash dog park fitted with agility equipment, the Petboro Dog Park has been designed to provide your dogs the opportunities to socialize, play, exercise and generally have a great time. Equipped with doggie jump hoops, dog jump bar, dog walk ramp, doggie crawl, weave posts, doggie see-saw and doggie rest table.

The Petboro Dog Park is completely fenced in for your pets’ safety, with oodles of space and play equipment, well-trained staff and is very well-maintained.

GHMC Dog Park

A one-of-a-kind park, the GHMC Dog Park is the first in Hyderabad to be exclusively for dogs. An off-leash park, it offers endless opportunities for your pet to revel in the pools, jumps, fountains, tunnels and runs with total freedom. You just have to ensure that your pet is fully vaccinated, obedient and that you clean up any mess dumped on the astroturf-covered ground. Park timings: 5 am to 10 pm.

Yari Road Pet Park

Thanks to the BMC, your pets get the opportunity to play in a dedicated place that is clean and safe. The primary objective of this park is to provide an environment that is geared to ensure the well-being of your pets. This is achieved by involving dog trainers and health professionals in events such as awareness drives.

Located between Seven Bungalows and Versova, the park is at a dead end and hence, very secure and peaceful. Do check out the timings before going across with your pet.

ZOIC Pet Park

The ZOIC Pet Park offers the kind of space and environment that isn’t easy to find, to visit with your pets, in a city. It invites pet parents and their pets to events such as pop-ups and playdates. A group of dog lovers manage the park, and have set up a FaceBook page that pet parents can visit to mingle online with other pet parents, or to post queries.

It is an off-leash park that is surrounded by a wall and palm trees.

Carter Road Dog Park

An initiative by the Carter Road Residents Association, the dog park, which is not very big, still offers pet owners an outdoor space to take their dogs to. It is a fenced-in area and dogs can be taken off the leash. Do clean up after your dogs.

Usually open in the evenings. 

Priyadarshini Park

A popular park for dogs to play off-leash. Open for dogs from 8 am to 9 am.

Dog Walk Path

Situated near Vashi, the Dog Walk path is around 2 kms in length each way, and offers a peaceful environment to walk your dog off-leash, since not too many people go for morning walks there.

Nana Nani Park

Open to dogs for an hour on Sunday mornings. 


Aksa Beach

A popular beach, dogs are welcome to be walked provided they are kept leashed.