Doggies do care for Doggy Day Care!

Every doggy pet parent wants what’s best for their pets. That means they want to provide the best they can in terms of health, nutrition, training, and cuddles, of course. There’s no doubt that most dogs, regardless of breed or size, but especially if they’re young, are high energy. And if they can’t expend this energy, they tend to have mental and physical health problems, such as depression or obesity.

Now most loving pet parents, despite their busy schedules, do try to take their dogs for long, brisk walks at least once or twice a day. But is this enough? Does this satisfy your dogs’ needs? Is walking enough? Don’t they also need other forms of stimulation, such as socializing with other dogs? Do you take your dog to a dog park to meet other (hopefully friendly!) dogs? Or to a pet friendly restaurant or resort? If you don’t, or can’t, all is not lost!

Doggy day care – to do or not to do!

The great thing these days is the plethora of dog-related services available. You can not only find a pet sitter or dog walker at the click of a key or at the end of a phone call, but you can also find many doggy day care centers.

Sending your dog to a doggy day care center offers multiple benefits, for you and your dog. These include:

  1. Galloping space! Yes, your pet doesn’t have to be a horse to want to gallop! It is an unfortunate fact that most (not all) pet parents in cities live in apartments – after all, how many people are fortunate enough to live in homes with gardens? And our dogs learn to live in apartments, and how to navigate their way through our furniture. But there’s no denying that, apart from going for walks on a leash, dogs can benefit immensely from having space to run around, unbridled. Just ensure, that you choose a doggy day care center which has sufficient outdoor space.
  2. Social networking. We humans are not the only ones who like to network! Dogs also enjoy socializing with their peers. Spending time with other dogs in a supervised environment gives them the opportunity to develop social skills; to learn to adjust to other dogs; to acquire a buddy; to tumble and play and sniff a lot of doggy butts! Proper socializing helps create a well-adjusted, happy dog.
  3. No separation anxiety. With people returning to work after the pandemic, being with their pets at home all day is not an option anymore. But try explaining that to your dog! So, pets are now reacting to their parents’ absence, and not always positively. And that makes the pet parents’ job more difficult. Doggy day care centers now offer an effective solution to this problem. Your pet is busy and active all day while you’re at work and does not miss you anymore. And for those who don’t have their own transport to drop off their pet at the day care center, they can choose one that offers a pickup and drop off facility.

So now, maybe it’s time for you and your pet to choose a doggy day care center that meets your pets’ requirements, for both of you to have peace of mind.