Once upon a pet: A love story

Consider this. You come home from work. Or from shopping. Or a party. And you’re greeted by a jet-propelled ball of fur, all sparkling puppy eyes, wagging tail and heavy-duty panting, knocking you off your feet. Or you’re transfixed by a slinky cat winding itself around your legs, meowing and purring like there’s no tomorrow. Has anyone else ever made you feel so loved or wanted?

This is what pets are all about…and the joys of being a pet parent.

Few things in life can rival the overpowering emotions we experience when we are with our pets. And that’s because the love they give us is totally unconditional. They ask for very little – some food and shelter. But what they really want and need is our love. A little pat; a little scratch; and lots of cuddles. And our pets are over the moon, our slaves for life.

Those of us who love our pets, understand that we get a lot more than we give our pets. And that nothing is more gratifying than to see our pets happy and healthy. This doesn’t just apply to pet dogs and cats, but also to rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, and even birds such as parrots and cockatoos. They all have their own ways of showing us their love and gratitude.

A happy pet, a better you…

There’s something about having a pet that transforms us – making us kinder, softer and gentler, often more than our children can. And as pet parents we find tremendous joy in making the smallest of gestures for our pets – from giving them their favorite treats; to cooking nutritious food for them; keeping their water bowls always filled with clean water; or buying them a wonderful toy. While all this makes our pets very happy, it is also very therapeutic for us.

Canine keep-fit…

For instance, those of us who have dogs, understand the benefits of walking the dog – for our dog and ourselves. The fresh air, the exercise, the rush of endorphins – can anything else be better? Apart from the weight control, the flexible joints, and the increased metabolism, of course. And the biggest bonus of all – a well-adjusted, happy, tired dog. It’s win-win all around! 

Who owns whom?

Do you own your pet, or does your pet own you? It doesn’t really matter. Just as you feel that you’re responsible for your pet’s well-being, your pet feels even more protective about you. Hence, you have dogs that will charge at anyone they feel is threatening their parent, or cats that hiss at people who get too close to their owners. Can you think of a better security system?

Your daily dose of sunshine!

What is the first thing you would like to see every morning – the rising sun or your pets sparkling eyes? There is no greater joy than to start the day with someone who makes you forget your problems, and the stresses of the day ahead. What better motivation can there be than to realize that your pet needs you for food, shelter and love? How good does it feel to be needed? To feel so special? And to be loved in return.

So, if you don’t already have a pet – get one now!